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10:00~20:00 (日曜は17:00まで)

Yoga studio TAMISA

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At Yoga Studio TAMISA you can experience a wide variety of yoga styles.
At first you will be pleased to find your overall body awareness increasing, weaknesses being strengthened,
and stress released from overworked areas. Leading your mind and body into a fine balance: strong, but soft and pliable.

Asanas (poses) help you to regain balanced body posture.
Reinvigorate weak areas, loosen up stiff areas.
Build your prana (chi), bring heart and mind back in harmony.

There is no perfect asana.
It is enough for everyone to find the right level to work at to improve their health. Everyone is different.
It is important to know your body, recognize fatigue or imbalance, and bring yourself back to your original condition.

Through asana and breath work, look deeply into yourself.

So, are you ready to try the Yoga lifestyle?

Yoga for life, TAMISA.

More than 70 classes a week!

You can choose from our two locations ? the Sanjo Teramachi Studio in the heart of Downtown Kyoto, or the Nanajyo Kamogawa Studio right by the beautiful Kamo River. We have morning/afternoon/evening classes in various styles of yoga available to meet your needs. Come join any class you like!

the Sanjo Teramachi Studio / Cosy Cafe / Be Organic

Kitahara bld. 2,3F
532 Tenshojimae-cho Teramachi-dori sanjyo agaru
Nakagyo-ku Kyoto Japan #6048183

All Vegan Cosy Cafe

open 11:30 to 18:00(Last Order 17:30)
        Cosy Cafe has variable holidays.
*Lunch Set 850yen-

Natual Organic Shop Be Organic

10:00 - 20:00

Be Organic has variable holidays, according the the business hours of Yoga Studio TAMISA.

  • the Sanjo Teramachi Studio / cosy cafe
  • the Sanjo Teramachi Studio / cosy cafe
  • the Sanjo Teramachi Studio / cosy cafe

TAMISA does not have a parking space, and we ask that visitors not park their bikes in front of the entrance.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

the Nanajyo Kamogawa Studio

Kamogawa bld. B1F
448 Inari Kamogawasuji-nishiiru Nanajyo-dori
Shimogyo-ku Kyoto Japan #6008133
  • the Nanajyo Kamogawa Studio
  • the Nanajyo Kamogawa Studio
  • the Nanajyo Kamogawa Studio

About Trial Lessons

We offer various styles of yoga, and ranging from basic to advanced. Some classes are NY-style yoga, which focuses on realigning the body to help you maintain wellness and keep you fit. Others are classical styles which focus on breathing methods and asanas (poses), which balance your body, mind and spirit. Our classes range from easy and relaxing to vigorous and more advanced. You can join any class for a trial lesson.

After a Trial Lesson

If you wish to become a member, please purchase one of our class passes (5-, 8-, 10-class or one-month unlimited passes are available). We waive the registration fee if you sign up on the day of your trial lesson.

About Class Passes

Several types of passes are available for your convenience.
Details are listed below. (All prices include tax.) cash only.

For first-time visitors, you can chose 1 lesson for 2000 yen or special ticket good for 3 lessons for 4000 yen good for 1 month.(including tax).

A single session is also available for
both members and non-members for
2,500 yen (+tax) / Lesson
Registration Fee
3,000 yen (+tax)
one-time, fee for membership

Class Passes (For members only)

5-class Pass
10,000 yen (+tax)
Good for 60 days
(Best if you take two to three lessons a month)
10-class Pass
18,000 yen (+tax)
Good for 60 days
(Best if you take one to two lessons a week)
8-class Pass
12,000 yen (+tax)
Good for 30 days
(Best if you take two lessons a week)
Unlimited Pass
16,000 yen (+tax)
Good for 30 days
(For yoga enthusiasts! Best deal if you take 11 lessons or more per month!)

Rental mats are available for 100 yen (incl. tax) per day.

Please note…

  • * Our Shichijo studio is for female only. We kindly ask male members and visitors to join us at our Sanjo Studio.
  • * A non-refundable registration fee of 3,000 yen (except. tax) is required upon signing up unless otherwise endorsed.
  • * All passes and tickets are non-refundable.
  • * Reservation by phone, e-mail and through our website is highly recommended, for spaces are limited.
  • * If you would like to cancel or change your reservation, please let us know before the class starts. One class credit will be taken from your pass for no show without notice.
  • * Schedule changes, if any, are posted at our studios or on our website. Please check them regularly.
  • * We offer various exciting and enlightening workshops and events. Please check our website for the latest information.
  • * Smoking is prohibited at our studios.
  • * We do not provide babysitting service at our studios. Each child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during a visit. (We offer regular Mom & Baby Yoga classes and monthly Kids Yoga workshop where you can join a yoga lesson with your little ones. Please check our website or inquire by phone, e-mail or in person.)
  • * We do not provide pet-sitting service.
  • * We do not assume any responsibility for accidents, injuries and theft at our studios. Please be responsible for your own safety and security during your visit.
  • * If you have any illnesses or injuries your instructor needs to know, please let us know prior to the lesson.
  • * Please avoid inversion poses in early pregnancy.
  • * If you become sick or feel physical pain during a lesson, please stop your practice immediately and relax or lie down. Feel free to leave the lesson room and ask our staff members for assistance if you need to.
  • * Feel of a pose differs day to day. Some days you find difficulty even in the easiest pose, and some days quite the opposite can also happen. Just go with the flow and enjoy what's happening "here and now"!
  • * Please come on empty stomach or allow at least 2 to 3 hours after a meal for proper digestion before class.
  • * Drink plenty of water after a lesson.
  • * Studio mats are available for rent. Ask our staff members for details.
  • * We can also store your mat at the studios for a fee. (Minimum 3-month period, for 200 yen (incl. tax) a month)

Please ask staff about more infomation.

Class Schedule

A single session is availavle for both members and non-members for 2500 yen (+tax)/lesson.
cash only.

the Sanjo Teramachi Studio

the Nanajyo Kamogawa Studio

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