Yoga has become a word we hear or see daily. But, what does yoga really mean?


Yoga means union. The purpose of yoga is to make a connection. Connection with the self. Connection with other people. Connection with nature. Also, yoga classes are a great opportunity to bring people together & share a valuable experience. Through the practice of yoga, we use breathing and asana (yoga poses) to connect with & become more aware of our bodies. We connect our physical, energetic, and mental states with each other. With this connection & awareness, we also become more positive, open, & more sensitive to the world around us. With this understanding we can find greater peace and compassion.


In my yoga classes, there is a lot of focus on breathing. Breath is the number one way to find union between mind & body. Breath is each person's inner teacher & the quality of a person's yoga really depends on breathing. So, there is continuous instruction on how to combine the breath as we move from asana to asana. Breath is also the path to mindfulness & a more balanced mind.


Mainly, my yoga style follows principles from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. In Hatha, once a person begins to practice asana, the practice becomes an instinctive path towards a healthier lifestyle & deeper yogic practices. Yoga becomes meditation.


Many people say "I cannot do yoga because I am not flexible." or "I am not in good shape." This is a mistake. I believe yoga can be accessible for everyone. Anyone of any shape or age can benefit from yoga practice. You can do the minimum amount, or push yourself hard (but not too hard!). Some days we don't want to do yoga, but if you come to the yoga mat and practice breathing only, this is enough to open up the connection. In any situation, yoga practice is a useful tool to find union with your true self.


If you have never practiced yoga before & you don't know where to start, my advice is "Just start anywhere." Maybe it feels great at first. Or maybe it feels strange and uncomfortable. Whatever the situation, don't give up too easily. Breathe deeply and take it slow. Like anything in life, growing needs some time & space. This is what yoga practice offers you, a way to find some space within the self. From here you can experience, learn, & grow.


As a teacher, my main goal is to inspire students. I want classes to be about the students & their needs. I want to help participants make a deeper mind-body connection, feel more in touch with their energetic self, & most of all, feel encouraged.



In 2014 I completed RYT200 & in 2016 advanced RYT300, (Total: RYT500). Both trainings were done at Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand. Training focused on asana sequencing, vinyasa, anatomy, diet & styles such as Universal Yoga & Yin Yoga. The trainings also went deep into pranayama, meditation & Yoga Nidra practices. I was inspired to get into yoga because of my ongoing capoeira practice. Yoga has become a very important part of my life journey.

2014年にRYT200を完成させ、2016年に高度なRYT300を完成させました(合計:RYT500)。 どちらのトレーニングもタイのビカサヨガリトリートで行われました。 アーサナシーケンス、ヴィンヤサ、解剖学、ダイエット、ユニバーサルヨガやインヨガなどのスタイルに焦点を当てたトレーニング。 トレーニングはプラナヤマ、瞑想、ヨガニドラの実践にも深く入り込みました。 カポエイラの練習を続けているおかげで、ヨガを始めるようになりました。 ヨガは私の人生の旅の非常に重要な部分になっています。

From 2016 to 2018 in Osaka Japan, I was hosting yoga events in various locations. It was a valuable experience to meet people interested in yoga & see how it helps inspire positive thinking.

2016年から2018年まで大阪でヨガイベントを開催していました。 ヨガに興味のある人に会い、それがポジティブシンキングを刺激するのにどのように役立つかを見るのは貴重な経験でした。

From Oct 2018 until Jul 2019, I lived in North India at Rishikesh Yogashram, a sustainable living community where meditation, Karma Yoga, & preparing vegetarian meals are daily practices. At Rishikesh Yogashram I was the main yoga asana teacher for guests & special events.

2018年10月から2019年7月まで、私は北インドのリシケシヨガシュラムに住んでいました。リシケシヨガシュラムは、瞑想、カルマヨガ、菜食主義の食事の準備が日常的に行われている持続可能な生活コミュニティです。 リシケシヨガシュラムでは、ゲストや特別なイベントのメインのヨガアーサナ教師を務めました。

I returned to Japan in summer 2019 with the goal of sharing yoga in the Kansai region, focusing on Kyoto. I now enjoy teaching at Tamisa.

京都を中心に関西でヨガを共有することを目標に、2019年夏に帰国しました。 私は今、Tamisaで教えることを楽しんでいます。