Vinyasa yoga 50 hours teacher training

Vinyasa yoga 50 hours teacher training

日程 2023/10/2(Sat) 〜 10/20(Fri)[5 times total 50 hours]
メイン講師 Sandra Fang
場所 TAMISA Sanjoteramachi studio
受講料 ¥165,000 / Early bird (payment by the end of July) ¥155,000

Know Your Body and Create Logical Yoga Sequences
50 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

This is a teacher training course by Sandra, who has been active as a vinyasa yoga teacher for many years at yoga studio TAMISA. By recognizing the movement of the skeleton and muscles of the body from the perspective of anatomy, you will be able to learn how to teach vinyasa yoga effectively.
This course will be a hybrid learning of face-to-face training and video content created only for this course, which can be learned as many times as possible during the period.


In order to continue to express the leader's unique world view.
Learn basic knowledge from a logical point of view.

Vinyasa yoga is a yoga style that synchronizes the breath and the movements, it is distinguished by its fluid transitions and movement through a series of poses. This style of yoga practice helps to develop physical strength and flexibility, and to cultivate the connection between body and mind by using the breath as an anchor. 

The charm of vinyasa yoga is that it is creative and expressive, no two classes are ever alike. The variable nature of this yoga style requires the teachers to create their own authentic sequences that represent their values as a teacher and their understanding of the body and mind. 

This course is designed to give the participants a deeper understanding of what vinyasa yoga is, and to provide them with tools and skills to teach effective, authentic and purposeful vinyasa yoga.

Sandra's Approach

Sandra's vinyasa yoga focuses on the following 4 elements, the breath, fluidity in movement, mindfulness, and logical sequencing. With a background in kinesiology, Sandra's teaching is based on the combination of anatomy and yoga philosophy to cultivate strength and flexibility in the physical body and contentment and peacefulness in the mind. Sandra recognizes and respects that everyone's body is different, and she puts efforts into helping all students to experience the maximum benefits of the practice.



Watch the video as many times as you like during the event,
You can do iterative learning.

This course consists of two parts, 20 hours of recorded videos and 30 hours of in-class training including 2 hours of homework, which you will need to design a yoga sequence for the final presentation.

Video content

Videos will be available from October 2nd to 20th, but please make sure that you watch at least once and study all the videos before the in-class training starts on October 16th.


Topic 1: About Vinyasa Yoga

  • What is Vinyasa Yoga?
  • The History of Vinyasa Yoga

Topic 2: Teaching

  • Sequencing Template for Vinyasa Yoga
  • How to Sequence a Vinyasa Yoga
  • How to Give Clear and Effective Instructions

Topic 3: Yoga Anatomy

  • Analysis of skeletal differences between people
  • How to adjust the pose according to the student's body

In-class Training Topics

From October 16th to 20th, everyday we will start with a yoga asana practice for 2 hours, followed by lectures, teaching practice, discussion time and question time.


Topic 1: Asana

  • The Basic Vinyasa Yoga Poses
  • Vinyasa Sequence Variations
  • Sun Salutation Variations
  • Injury Management

Topic 2: Teaching

  • Aiming to be a Great Yoga Teacher

Topic 3: Yoga Anatomy

  • Analyzing Skeletal Differences in Different Bodies
  • How to Modify the Poses to Fit Your Students' Bodies



  • Those who are interested in Vinyasa Yoga
  • Those who want to learn how to incorporate yoga asanas into their body more safely and effectively
  • If you want to learn more about yoga anatomy
  • Those who want to understand how to build a yoga sequence
  • Those who want to teach Vinyasa Yoga

Main teacher

Sandra Fang

Chinese Canadian from Vancouver. Based in Kansai, he teaches vinyasa, yin yoga, and prenatal yoga. After graduating from a university in Canada with a degree in health science, he moved to Japan to complete his yoga teacher training in Osaka. After that, I traveled around the world30More Visit studios and see various styles of yoga first-hand from world-renowned yoga teachers. He has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, yoga asanas and philosophy, and through yoga he helps people see a healthy body and a stable and calm mind.

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Sandra Fang Yoga


This course teaches yoga teachers a deeper understanding of vinyasa yoga by studying asanas, pranayama, anatomy, and teaching skills. It is a great help in finding a clear direction in

Anatomy is the foundation for creating effective and logical sequences. Many people think that anatomy is difficult to understand, but you will learn the relationship between anatomy and yoga asanas in an easy-to-understand manner.

When creating a sequence, don't just randomly put together poses, but rather how the body works and what you want to convey as a teacher. need to understand.

For those aspiring to teach vinyasa yoga in the future, a tool for teaching effective, purposeful, confident and purposeful classes. and skills can be learned. If you are not currently planning to teach but would like to learn more, this course will give you a deeper understanding of your body and Vinyasa yoga.



Started teaching yoga in 2015. Currently, she also interprets yoga classes, translates the Yoga Journal American version into English, and translates texts for teacher training.

・Yoga Alliance 200 hours
・50 hours Vinyasa Yoga TT, Sandra Fang
・Yin Yoga TT 50 hours, Sandra Fang
・Yoga Journal American Edition English-Japanese translation (online article)
>・Yogis English 2018-2019 Interpreter/Assistant
・Sandra Huang Vinyasa Yoga TT 50 Hours Text Translation
・Sandra Huang Yin Yoga TT 50 Hours Text Translation
・Sandra Huang WS Interpreter</p >



2023/10/2(Sat) 〜 10/20(Fri)[5 times total 50 hours]

[Breakdown of 50 hours of training]
20 hours recording course [Viewable period 10/2 (Sat)-20 (Fri)]
28 hours face-to-face training
[Holding period]
10/16 (Mon) - 10/19 (Fri) 9:00 - 15:00
10/20 (Friday) only 9:00-15:30
2 hours Homework

main Teacher

Sandra Fang




TAMISA Sanjo Teramachi Studio
2FTAMISA Sanjo Teramachi Studio, Kitahara Building, 532 Tenshojimaecho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8081

Eligible people

Anyone interested in Vinyasa Yoga

Things to bring

Easy-to-move exchange, writing utensils, yoga mat (rental 300 yen/day)

Participation fee

Of the participation fee, 30,000 yen (excluding tax) will be the application fee,
and the application will be completed when the application fee is paid. *Payment can be made in installments. If you wish, please specify in the remarks column


・Up to 7 days before the event date・・・No cancellation fee
・From 6 days before the date to the day: 100%

Until payment is received, it will be a provisional reservation, and once payment is received, the reservation will be complete. During the provisional reservation, priority will be given to those who have already paid even if they apply later.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us by the day before.
Please note that refunds cannot be made for cancellations made less than 6 days before the event date.


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If payment cannot be confirmed within one week after the order confirmation email is sent, the order may be cancelled. Please be forewarned.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a guardian for safety when waiting in the cafe or rest space attached to the studio. (However, it will be limited to cafe or reception business hours) Also, please note that we cannot keep pets and perishables.