Regular Class

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga ☆~☆☆

Yin Yoga bases itself on sitting poses, holding them for some time.
In contrast to more vigorous types of yoga, Yin Yoga focuses on fascia and the integration of muscle and bone in the body.
Being Yin, or slow, we take the time to slowly stretch and improve your flexibility, and in that silence give you space to turn inside, and approach the deeper aspects of yourself.
Relieving the stress of mind and body, reexperiencing the balance in your body, Yin yoga is a more meditative style of yoga--we invite you to experience its relaxation effects!
With the notion of Ying, why not give it a try and realign your body and soul?

Yin&Restorative ☆~☆☆

Both yin and restorative are receptive and slow paced practice by holding poses for longer period of time, yet each of them have unique benefits.
This class starts with several yin poses targeting deep connective tissues and fascia to help regulate the flow of energy in the body, then followed by the couple of restorativeposes.
Restorative yoga practice releases our habitual tension by relaxing our body with the supports of props and invigorates our vital energy.
It balances our nervous system and helps boost ourimmune system.
The class is for juicy practice for both letting go and receiving.

Yin Yang ☆☆~☆☆☆