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Vinyasa is a style of yoga that places importance on the flow and connection between individual poses (asana) of yoga.In Sanskrit, vinyasa actually means "continuity", thus the emphasis on the connection of breath and asana.

Vinyasa Level 1 ☆☆~☆☆☆

Vinyasa 1 is a class designed for you to make a deeper connection with your physical weaknesses, and improve your basic physical strength and flexibility. We also emphasize breath-work and relaxing meditation. Recommended for newcomers to yoga, or those seeking a relaxing experience.

Vinyasa Level 2 ☆☆☆~☆☆☆☆

Vinyasa 2 is a class with more energetic poses designed to increase the strength you've acquired in Vinyasa 1

Vinyasa All Level ☆~☆☆

This is a breath oriented flow style yoga focusing on the alignment.Fluid transition is also an important part of this practice.We practice asana and the transition as our breath guides us.
At the same time, the intelligent movement of body and the wisdom of ancient philosophy is interwound to sophisticate the practice.
Through various approaches, the practice brings attention to our habitual patterns so that we can cultivate the clarity in our mind and body.
This practice awakens our senses and grows our compassion and openness.

Tensegrity Vinyasa ☆☆~☆☆☆

Before me peaceful,
Behind me peaceful,
Over me peaceful,
Under me peaceful,
All around me peaceful,
(Navajo Indian)