Regular Class


Learn the essential yoga postures in a safe environment at a comfortable speed. These teachings aim to help establish the foundations for an effective and enjoyable Yoga practice. Students can expect to practice both passive and active Hatha Yoga exercises that establish physical and mental clarity and calmness. This class is structured to accommodate travelers and tourists. The class will be conducted bilingually. (EN/JP)

Ancient Hatha ☆☆~☆☆☆

Traditionally practicing yoga means to go inside or inner world by concentrating/ focusing oneself. So that gradually concentration will develop and further easy to practice and feel the higher practices like Pranayama and meditation. Ancient yoga practice is to discover oneself slowly,gradually, persistently by Hatha, cleansing, pranayama, chanting, meditation and so on. All those practices helps to reduce stress level, physical fitness,quietness of mind et cet ra.

Yoga Therapy ☆~☆☆

What is yoga therapy? Therapeutic Yoga is a set of practices. Those practices can be combined of Ancient Hatha yoga,Pranayama, meditation, chanting, yogic counselling etc. It depends on the ailments/conditions. Condition can be physical or psychological, so accordingly practices will be designed. Yoga therapy for Back pain/ Shoulder pain: Back pain can be mainly lower (lumbar) or Upper (cervicle). Many reasons there may shoulder/ back pain.Therapeutic Yoga helps to strengthen the shoulder/ back muscles by doing specific practices in a systematic manner.