June 20, 2020



Our LIVESTREAM CLASSES allow you to continue your practice either live or on video freely and at your own pace with a variety of TAMISA's experienced teachers. We aim to help you better incorporate Yoga into your daily life!


tamisa_online-22.pngTaking a LIVEstream class is like taking a class at the studio with your favorite teacher.

tamisa_online-23.pngStudents who have preregistered for class will be sent a link to a recording of the class for use up a week after the live class. View as many times as you like.

tamisa_online-24.pngWe have bilingual teachers, so you can take a wide range of classes in either English or Japanese.

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※All prices include tax.

Types of yoga classes


Taking a LIVEstream class is like taking a class at the studio with your favorite teacher. You can see your teacher and they can see you, and you can connect with your fellow students too. This is not a yoga video, this is LIVE.

Students who have preregistered for class will be sent a link to a recording of the class for use up to 1 week after the live class, so you can practice anywhere anytime on your own schedule.


Livestream Yoga Classes Recorded Yoga Videos
Online monthly pass Unlimited pass for one month Access to a recording of the class for 1 month.
Online drop in One-time single class No access to a recording of the class.

※Online monthly pass (Valid from the 1st of the month to the end of that month)
For more details please see our Q&A section below.

Livestream Yoga Classes


You can join from anywhere that you have a smartphone / PC and internet access.

Recorded Yoga Videos


You have access to a recording of the class for use up to 1 week after the live class, so you can practice anywhere anytime on your own schedule.



Benefits of Livestream Yoga Classes.

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How to sign up!?

After purchasing your ticket, select and reserve your class.

15 minutes before the start of class, click on the Zoom link and enter the classroom.

Please feel free to greet them, or convey something about how you're feeling that day.

Some things to note

〇You need to purchase your tickets from the schedule page before signing up for the class.

〇For students who have never taken an online class, we recommend the Trial Pass at first in order to check that your devices and Internet connection are working properly, and to see whether you feel comfortable in this environment. Your instructor cannot provide a lot of technical assistance during classes, so testing your setup before your first class is important.

〇During online classes, your instructor cannot give as much individual attention to each student, so please do not push yourself too hard, and feel free to take a rest when you feel it's difficult during the practice. Keeping the safe environment and going easy on yourself is also your practice.

〇If you want to sign into multiple devices, you need to add another account. You are not allowed to use multiple devices with one account.

Signing Up and Class Reservations Q & A

Q. I don't understand how to sign up for a class.
A. Signing up is easy. Just go to our Scheduling page, buy an Online Ticket, and make a reservation for the class of your choice.

Q. Please explain the methods of payment.
A. Online classes can only be reserved upon approval of your credit card. You must have a credit card in order to sign up for online classes.

Q. Until how many minutes before a class am I able to sign up?
A. You can sign up for a class up to 15 minutes before that class starts.

Q. Are students able to speak with the instructors?
A. Yes, you can greet and talk with your instructor before and after classes. Please make sure that your camera and mic are switched ON.

Q. Is recording of classes permitted?
A. We ask that students respect our rule of no photos, no audio recording, and no video recording of classes. Students with a Monthly Pass or Trial Pass have the right to receive access to TAMISA's own recordings. That allows you to practice one week's worth of recorded classes at your convenience.

Q. Is it possible to cancel or receive a refund for classes?
A. Once payment is processed, it is not possible to cancel or receive a refund.

Q. Please explain the terms of use for the Monthly Pass, I don't understand.
A. You can take classes from the day you purchase the Monthly Pass. Subsequently, your credit card is charged automatically on the 1st of each month. When you purchase a pass in the middle of the month that month will be pro-rated.

Q. What if I should want to cancel my account?
A. You can cancel your account on your personal page. If you complete the cancellation before the end of the month, the next month's automatic charge will be cancelled. Please note that the remainder of the month that you cancel in cannot be refunded. Further, after cancellation you will be unable to take classes for the rest of that month.

How to use Zoom Q & A

Q. Can I access the class from my smart phone?
A. Yes, you're welcome to join with your phone, however we recommend that you access from your computer for better video quality. Please make sure that your web camera is working.

Q. Shall I turn on my camera during the class?
A. You have the option to turn on or turn off your camera during the class. Feel free to join even if you have kids around.

Q. I don't receive an email from Tamisa Yoga Studio after booking the class.
A. The email might have been filtered into your junk mail. Please double check your junk mail. If you still can not find it, please register for the class again and make sure that you input your email correctly.

Q. My computer web camera is not working
A. If you are using apps that access your web camera like Skype, FaceTime, make sure you turn them off before turning on the Zoom app.

Q. I don't know how to use ZOOM.
Please check the following videos.

Join us with your computer