March 26, 2020

【Mar 28】Noemie's Hatha (EN/JP) last class


Hatha (EN/JP) with Noemie
2020 Mar 28 (Sat) 8:45-9:45 at Sanjo Studio

It will be her last class in TAMISA, please come to practice with Noemie!!

◇ Fee
For first-time visitors: 1 trial ticket for 2000 yen / 3 trial tickets for 4,000 yen
Drop in ticket for 3,000 yen (+tax) or any passes are valid

◇ Please e-mail us to reserve your spot
or you can just come to the studio at the second floor at the reception 15 min before.

Sanjo Studio
2F, Kitahara Building, Tenshojimae-cho, Nakagyouku, Kyoto, Japan, 〒604-8081


Noémie Clémenceau


In a quest of finding balance and peace within myself, I was drawn towards meditation in my early twenties.

It's when I traveled to Nepal that I discovered Vipassana meditation, and this method resonated with me. While traveling, I've also met with a bunch of yogis on the road that inspired me to start practicing yoga asanas. It widened my vision about the positive change that practicing yoga - asana, meditation, breathing and philosophy - can make in everyday life, and how beneficial these practices are.

Overtime, I became inspired to become a yoga teacher to help others in their quest for balance and well-being. I completed a 200-hour teacher training and I am continuously learning, from others and from myself. I am passionate about movement research, as well as biomechanics and anatomy applied to yoga.

My intention as a yoga teacher is to safely guide students in their practice, help them to learn how to better serve their body and encourage their self-inquiry beyond the mat.

Besides yoga, I practice sewing, analog photography and drawing. I find these practices to be very meditative. You don't have to sit cross-legged and close your eyes to meditate ; every moment can be meditation.