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English info

Start your day with yoga! Every Saturday Morning Yoga

If you are interested to practice yoga in Kyoto, and now reading this post, I bet you are a yoga practitioner or maybe you haven't practiced yoga yet but you are curious.

Well, Welcome to Kyoto and thank you for finding this post.
Nice to (meet) you. My name is Eri. I am writing this post.

Maybe you need to practice yoga to ground yourself or just need to stretch every part of your body like a self-massage. Let's practice together!
The studio is not so big, it can hold about 10 to 12 people. It's underground, quiet and cozy. We have a beautiful vegan café right beside Kamo river on top of this studio.

You can also enjoy good coffee and breakfast with a beautiful view after your yoga class.

¥100 OFF for breakfast menu at our vegan cafe Veg Out (upstairs of the studio) after this morning yoga class.



My favorite Acai bowl at Veg Out.

Hatha Bilingual

Learn the essential yoga postures in a safe environment at a comfortable speed. These teachings aim to help establish the foundations for an effective and enjoyable Yoga practice. Students can expect to practice both passive and active Hatha Yoga exercises that establish physical and mental clarity and calmness.
This class is structured to accommodate travelers and tourists. The class will be conducted bilingually. (EN/JP)

Every Saturday at 8:30-9:30 am

Yoga Studio Tamisa Nanajo Studio (downstairs of Cafe Veg Out )
B1F, Kamogawa Building, Nishizume Kitagawa, Shichijyo-ohashi, Shimogyouku, Kyoto, Japan, 〒600-8133


◇Please e-mail us to reserve your class
or you can just come to the studio.

◇ For first-time visitors, you can choose 1 lesson for 2000 yen or special ticket good for 3 lessons for 4000 yen good for 1 month.(including tax).

Rental mats are included.


Eri was born and raised in Osaka. During her teens and twenties, she was into street dance. Besides her passion for dancing she also worked in the fashion industry for 7 years. An avid traveler, Eri has been around the globe.
She discovered yoga in 2010. From 2011 to 2016 she lived in Canada. She learned yoga in Vancouver and mostly in Montreal, luckily from some of the finest teachers from around the world.
She is the first Japanese student to become 500-hour NYTT (Naada Yoga Teacher Training) certified at Naada Yoga Studio in Montreal. www.naada.ca
Eri has had a consistent practice for over 5 years and has trained with a variety of teachers at Naada Yoga, including Elizabeth Emberly who is the co-founder of Naada. Wanting to grow her practice, she also completed an additional 500-hour in the Yoga Therapy Program. Her teachers included Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Dr. Baxter Bell, Vickie Bell, Ann Dyer, François Raoult, Richard Rosen, Matthew Remski, Mark Singleton, Rolf Sovik, and Michael Stone. They provided her with the knowledge and inspiration to continue her training to this day.
She also works as an interpreter and translator for foreign yoga teachers in Japan. She worked as an interpreter for YogaWorks' 200-hour teacher training in 2018.
Eri's teaching and personal practice is alignment focused with an emphasis towards a meditative approach. She is a practitioner both on and off the mat. Her journey has just begun.