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2018年7月 6日
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Notice of class cancellations Friday July 6th

Notice of class cancellations Friday July 6th, today Due to rain warnings still remaining in effect, as well as delays and disruptions in public transportation, we have decided to cancel morning classes.

The following afternoon and evening classes will CONTINUE AS USUAL:
(Sanjo Teramachi Studio)
13:30~ Yin Yoga (Asako)
15:30~ Pranayama (Toshi.K)
18:30~ Freestyle Yoga (David)
19:00~ Hatha Bilingual Yoga (Eri)
20:10 Tai Chi (Tomi)
(Nanajo Studio): All classes cancelled
(Sanjo Studio)
14:00~ Maternity Yoga (Maaya)

Currently, weather conditions still remain unpredictable, and further changes are still possible. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding. And please be careful out there today!

As for tomorrow, July 7th, business remains as usual, but please follow our Facebook and website to stay up on possible changes.