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2018年7月 3日
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Know your Body, Enjoy your Practice - Shoulder Anatomy

130921383.pngThis workshop is for anyone, from beginners to yoga instructors, who's interested in learning more about anatomy in order to practice yoga in a way that fits their own body. Understanding anatomy is essential in understanding yoga asanas. The more we understand anatomy, the more we can enjoy the practice and to prevent injuries.

This workshop is composed of three parts, bones of the shoulder joint, muscles of the shoulder joint, and an asana practice.

Part 1: Bones
Part 1 includes a lecture on the skeletal anatomy of the shoulder joint. We will then look at each student to gain a deeper understanding that everyone has unique skeletal structures, and learn how that affects our yoga practice. we will also analyze some yoga poses and learn about how to make personalized adjustments so that everyone can achieve the benefits of yoga asana.

Part 2: Muscles
Part 2 includes a lecture on the muscles of the shoulder joint. We will talk about which yoga poses help to stretch and strengthen these muscles, and also how to stabilise the shoulder joints in our practice to prevent injuries.

Part 3: Asana practice
This workshop will end with an asana practice based on everything we've learned. Through mindful physical movements we come to a deeper understanding of our own unique skeletal structures and ranges of motion. We become more aware of the muscles involved in each pose and learn how to use our body intelligently in order to practice yoga in a safe, therapeutic, and effective way.

This workshop will help if you have the following questions in mind
-Which muscle groups are involved when I do certain poses?
-I've been practice yoga for a while, why can't I do a particular pose?
-Different teachers give different alignment instructions, which one should I follow?
-How can I stabilise my shoulders to prevent injuries in my yoga practice?
You don't need to have any anatomy knowledge, just come with a curious and open mind!


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Sandra is Chinese Canadian from Vancouver, Canada. She is based in Kansai teaching vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and ayurveda. After she graduated with a kinesiology degree in Canada, she moved to Japan and completed her first yoga training in Osaka, then continued to travel and study different yoga styles with world-renowned yoga teachers. With her knowledge in anatomy, yoga asana, ayurveda, and philosophy, she wants to help people to find calmness, mindfulness, and balance in life through yoga practice. Sandra started YOGIS ENGLISH course in 2012 to help Japanese yoga teachers and practitioners to improve their English skills, aiming to build the bridge between yoga in Japan and the world.

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Sandra Fang Yoga https://www.sandrafangyoga.com/

2018, 29th, July 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Know your Body, Enjoy your Practice - Shoulder Anatomy

At Yoga Studio Tamisa Sanjo Studio

2F, Kitahara Building, Tenshojimae-cho, Nakagyouku, Kyoto, Japan, 〒604-8081

Fees : ¥12,000 (+tax) Early bird Until 21st of July

¥14,000 (+tax) After 21st of July

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